Anti-anti-privacy innovation ideas

I'm a Nobody. I have no money. I have no fans. I have no influence. There is no celebrity in my life. So I don't put much effort into managing privacy risks.

I have a couple of friends who do put some effort into managing their privacy, but I don't question those efforts much, lest it be interpreted as an indictment of poor risk-management practices. One friend uses only a particular browser because of its privacy-related plugins and extensions. Another uses Tor and specially-crafted hosts files to elude a perceived intrusion into his privacy (or at least to block ad servers).

Now I see that News Corp. and other private entities might need to pursue experimental-aircraft certificates in order to launch personal drones into the air. News organizations can use such drones to gain access to some areas that might be difficult to access. Maybe a drone could fly along the leading edge of a tsunami, for example, or buzz around the next Tahrir Square.

But drones could also fly over the pools and backyard wedding parties in gated communities or the estates of celebrities and C-suite executives. Those are places that common sense defines as private. Technology that gets us past the gate doesn't per se justify an invasion of privacy.

Yet "we" are left without a response to that technology. Specifically, we are left without an active response to that technology. Yes "we" can bring civil suits after the damage is done, but there's still a need to prevent the intrusion or otherwise immediately respond to and defeat it.

I think this provides opportunity for a new industry: the anti-anti-privacy industry. Here is my list of some products that could be developed and marketed to those who wish their lives were like mine:

  • The NetGun (maybe brand it with a more-innocuous name, like the NetNeutralizer). Shoots a weighted net that tangles the rotors or propellers and brings down the craft. For close-range use only because weight and air drag limit range.
  • The 'LoperLaser, a sonar-guided green-light laser that burns a hole into the drone, disrupting the aerodynamics and bringing down the craft.
  • MagicMakeup that celebrities can wear to defeat facial-recognition software.
  • TheFinger, a non-lethal, spring-powered projectile that can shoot down the interloping aircraft.


Any others?