So, which planet again?

He doesn't say it in the embedded video below, but J.P. Barlow generated appropriate laughter and applause earlier this week in Paris when he was allowed to express himself at President Sarkozy's eG8 Forum. After milling about, networking, and listening to his fellow panelists, he admitted "...I don't think I'm from the same planet, actually."

That just hit too close to home for me. My presumptuousness amazes me, as maybe John Perry's amazed him this week. I just assume that everyone else has reached the same conclusions about using comparative ratings to generate market incentives that raise the quality of information that passes through our communities. J.P. maneuvered himself into eloquently and metaphorically delimiting the differences between him and other participants in the forum.

I think Barlow paints himself into a corner where he is forced to be reactionary and adversarial. In the "3 questions" interview, below, he brings up issues of copyright, self-expression, the information economy, and the need to reconsider ownership of intellectual property: "Information has an economy that is profoundly different from the physical world." Sure! That is so profound that it defies analysis. Regardless, I'll continue pushing to bring physicality (objectivity and qualification, actually) to information ecologies.