Quality Dive

It's not easy to mind-juggle all the reasons why journalism has nose-dived in quality since Nixon's resignation. Just a few of them:

-- We've changed from a society of endeavor to a society of convenience. We're no longer pioneers moving westward and building new cities. We're not sharecroppers. We're not immigrants new to the land. We don't even have victory gardens. We have microwave "ovens". We have cup-holders in our four-wheeled living rooms. We have gas grills in our kitchens. We almost don't even build interstate highways anymore. We don't need to understand institutional policy. It's done for us. How convenient.

--The news must be "fair and balanced". No. That implies compromise. If I'm tasked with being all things to all people of all opinions, I will surrender to shoddiness.

-- The business engine. All kinds of things here, but most dangerous is the ignorance of delayed gratification. Now throw in the weight and urgency of debt service, and you'll understand why newspapers are no longer willing to devote 18 months to investigate a story.